Domain Name Info

Advice for Australian Business Organizations

Because you clicked through to this page we assume that your interest in a domain name would be as an Australian business representative or trader. What can be confusing is the decision as to what domain extension to use. Do you have to register a domain name with a local extension, that is ? The answer is no, you can register the top "Global" domain extension, the dot com. The choice is yours.

Being in business you're perhaps looking for the right domain name that best suits your needs, but unfortunately, in Australia the use and importance of domain names is totally misunderstood and is Government regulated as far as the local domain name extensions are concerned, (, for instance). You can only register a dot com dot au domain name that is completely derived from your Registered Business or Trading Name. (Private individuals can't register domains; there are alternative domain extensions for private individuals - auDA the Regulatory Body has more information on these matters). However, by going "Global" it's not necessary to have to incorporate your Registered Business name when you register a dot com / net / or org extension, or any name that isn't Australian Government regulated. Therefore this gives you the freedom to pick a name of your choice. It doesn't have to be derived from your Company or Business name as it does with the local domains. This gives you a much wider range of choice as to what name will generate the most internet traffic for you. Also, by choosing to have a top level domain name, such as "dot com" means you are then "Global" and visible to the world.

It's also very much cheaper to register a dot com / net / or org name than it is to register the local restrictive domains. If you register a domain name through toptierdomains all transactions are done via a US based organisation, again saving you money. To learn more about having the right name for your business just click here to go to our name advice page.